Ubuntu Touch Q&A 65 This Saturday 14th December At 19:00 UTC

  • Ubuntu Touch Q&A 65 is this Saturday the 14th of December at 19:00 UTC. Please join us for Ubuntu Touch development, updates and answers to your questions! Post them here before the event and Youtube Livechat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bIJ7p1fDEo and Telegram during the live show.

    Please remember that questions on porting to device **** or it's status, and questions on bugs will not be answered

  • How does Ubuntu touch currently address accessibility concerns for vision impaired users?

  • @UBportsNews My question is ~ What potential might the new kernel in the Pinephone provide? Improved bluetooth; disk encryption; image and video processing; new UI features?

  • How does the recent Mir 1.6 release affect "new Mir"? And Wayland?

  • Not really a question but more of a request: i would like to see the UBports Matrix Community (+ubports_community:matrix.org) advertised on the Contact Us page on ubports.com. I tried with 3 different numbers to sign up with Telegram but I wouldn't get a SMS or call. Admittedly, 2 of the 3 numbers I tried were VoIP numbers so maybe Telegram doesn't work with VoIP phones. However, I think it is better if the chat rooms were more accessible to everyone that uses Ubuntu Touch through Matrix.

  • @tahayassen and/or IRC

  • Q1: are there plans to integrate UT-tweak tool into the main system? Seems like a a good "advanced settings" kind of addition.

    Q2: any plans for adding custom usage profiles? Like automatic disabling of background suspension of apps when plugged in, or automatic enabling of Bluetooth devices when connected to an external screen etc.

    Q3: will suru style qt quick 2 be the officially endorsed app framework in the near future?

  • Q1: Is a solution being worked on for the OP3T camera (images cannot be saved)?

    Q2: Is a translation of 64-bit apps being worked on?

  • When will Anbox be ready to use as a daily driver?

  • I know that questions on porting to device **** are not allowed, so I will try to keep it as general as possible :

    Q1: What is happening with the app displaying in the RaspberryPi 4 ? what do you think is the problem with that specific board that does not affect any other ARM64 board/device?
    Q2: what new technologies you think would help in solve the above (Q1) problem ( maybe the new Mir 1.6 release and its initial rpi-dispmanx support?) and what improvement/problem could them introduce on other boards/device?

    I don't know if this will be the last Q&A in 2019, eventually keep this in the freezer for the last Q&A:
    Q3: what do you (realistically) wish for the project in the 2020 and what are you going to focus on?

    ps: if this is the last 2019 Q&A wishes for a merry christmas🎅 🎉 🎊 🎁

  • Q1: Will the OS support 4G and VoLTE (voice over LTE) standards?
    My provider activated VoLTE function last month, and I am just interesting if this technology is supported or not.
    Sorry, if my questions is wrong for the Livechat.

  • @tahayassen seconding this, to mention the matrix chat and get questions from there as well

    When's the next OTA release? Or do the release dates happen at random whenever they're ready? If random, could random flexible estimated dates be set on when relase might happen (and then it could get pushed back if needed)?

  • @megidont did you end up getting any response?

  • @Nulla Took me a minute to follow what you were replying to, but unfortunately the answer right now is that accessibility is extremely lacking in UT. 😞

  • @dobey sorry my bad 😞 I'll continue to explore.

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