Paus and "Remember" features.

  • Hey!

    I'm quite new to UT. A feature I miss is to be able to paus, exit the app, and for the app to remember where I was when I return.

    I've been using "Mediaplayer", "Music" for mp3:s and Podbird for Podcasts. None have this feature. Is it perhaps a tricky thing to make in UT or is it not a very populair feature?

    Is there any other mp3-playing apps that has this feature?


  • @dbdb78 Hi David,

    Welcome here, I hope you enjoy UT and what it offers to the user.

    I think someone made a similar request about resuming where the player was.

    Regarding other MP3 players, you can check on the OpenStore : %26 Audio

    But I don't know any player with this feature yet.

    On a more general basis, you should send this kind of request using the gitlab/github of the app. This way the maintainer of the app will have notification. Not sure everyone check the forum for this kind of feature requests.

    Kind regards and happy holidays

  • Thanks AppLee 🙂

    UT is pretty awesome. Really appreciate UBPorts taking over what Canonical started.
    I've found a lot of annoying quirks in it too, since I compare everything to Android, which of course isn't fair. Some can be worked around - but then some is just to annoying. Hence my 'post of frustration'. I'm trying to get an overview github (did a post there some days ago regarding another issue, not getting any feedback - maybe posted wrongly, I don't know). It's a bit confusing navigating github/gitlabs - but ... baby steps.

    Happy holidays to you too 🙂

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