Any easy process to convert .deb/Appimage/snap/flatpak to Click ?

  • Hello, I think the title says everything.

    I am not a developer. However, I remember how it was easy to convert a .deb file into an .Appimage following some step by step tutorials.

    But with click packages, I feel I just can't. I think I just don't have the level to make it work. Or maybe I missed a very easy tutorial somewhere. Appimage has this advantage that even non developers can almost build their app.

    So please, do you know if this tutorial exist ? Can we convert a snap or .deb or any other package to click ? My target is to do an app (not a web app).

    Please, don't just forward me the UBports documentation : you can easily imagine I have already read pages of it.

    Thank you very much for your feedback.

  • @prog-amateur Probably this is not the answer you are looking for, but you can install .deb in a libertine container. The problem is - most .deb apps aren't convergent and converting them to a .click will not solve this problem, I guess.

  • @thilov thank you very much. My objective is to convert VLC Appimage / or snap / or flatpak / or .deb.

    Unfortunately, I have tried VLC under libertine, and is almost unusable. And it seems that the hardware acceleration is not available under libertine.

    So here, we have many available extensions. My idea is to use a skin to make VLC more user friendly with touch-screens, take the easiest format, and convert into .click app.

    But, as I am not a developer, I think without an easy to convert tool (meaning, if I have to code a lot), I have not a lot of possibility to succeed.

  • VLC will still have issues, as it's not using hardware decoding, and likely would still need to run under xmir, depending on what it's actually using to render video.

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