Data concerns

  • Hello. I have a plan that gives me texting and voicemail, but no data. So, I rely on WiFi for the internet. Recently, my phone company offered a gig of free data to try out, so I accepted. I still have used my same phone patterns, where I only access the internet whenever I'm connected to WiFi. I've done nothing different than I've ever done. Yet, I've gotten messages from my phone provider saying "you have used 75% of the data included in your service -- come to us for more options". I dunno if it's them screwing around with me or if it's an issue with UT (IE, that UT's network service is defaulting to my data rather than to my WiFi), but I flag it here for developers' consideration.

  • I don't know anything about this but are there any apps that could be running in the background which might be using data? (I could see this happening if you leave apps open, maybe?)

  • @MarkG_108 It's probably a background app like dekko or teleports...
    To avoid this you can switch off mobile data in the dropdown menu...

  • Thanks @AppLee. I've done that. Also, my phone seemed a bit jumbled up, so I shut it off and turned it back on, which seems to have helped a little.

  • @mirroronthewall open apps should not access data in background.
    But dekko has a background running daemon and some other apps can use this kind of workaround like axolotl...
    But as intended by UT, an app in background shouldn't use any data or CPU.

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