Noob OnePlus One install

  • Hi All,

    I have been trying off and on to install on a OnePlus one, first from a Mint 18.04 install now from a Windows 10 install using the 04.14-beta installer. I seem to hit the same issue a the same place. Specifically, the installer asks me to restart into recovery, which I do. the OPO restarts to the cyanogen recovery screen and the installer simply says waiting on the device, but never finds it. Help!

  • @todrab This might sound obvious but please check you have developer mode on usb debugging etc have granted permission for ADB (popup window on device). and
    ADB and fastboot are working ok. Type fastboot devices into a terminal and then ADB devices. Both should show your device.
    The installer uses fastboot first to install Ubuntu Touch recovery then reboots to that to download and push the other files.

  • Hi Lakotaubp, thanks for the response, and, I have just the tiniest idea of what I am doing so you probably can't get too basic with me. In Linux, ADB devices command recognizes the device. When I reboot to the boot loader, Fastboot recognizes the device. I have developer mode enabled and have granted permissions.

  • @todrab Get the latest installer from here about half way down the page. If your on linux use the snap version and see how it goes.

  • @Lakotaubp

    ended up getting it to work by fast boot on windows side then loaded on Linux side, which suggests maybe ssomething was on both sides. thanks for the help and am excited to play around.

  • @todrab 15sec adb from XDA developers is best for windows installed system wide. That might have been an issue.

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