Q&A 66 Blog And Audio Versions Now Available

  • The Blog and audio versions for Ubuntu Touch Q&A 66 are now available for your enjoyment.


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  • @UBportsNews In the question about the browser : not issue 233 but issue 223 https://github.com/ubports/morph-browser/issues/223

  • From the Q&A 66 Blog:

    Marius wanted to have some fun over the holidays so he played around with Focal – what will become 20.04 of Ubuntu. He wanted to see what had been added and removed. Lots has gone, so will need to be put back before we can use it. We will be basing on 20.04, so although fun it is part of our preparation for the future. At this stage we are just scoping out what will need doing.

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    Gizmochicken, PhoenixLandPirate and others asked a series of inter-related questions – for example, what will you focus after OTA-12? Is there a road-map? What about Nextcloud? Maybe we could create a few project areas and call for contributors around them? For example around the work needed to upgrade from 16.04 to 20.04?

    @UniSuperBox and @mariogrip , I want to thank you both for discussing the above questions/suggestions at length during Q&A 66. Speaking for myself, I'm amazed with how much you've accomplished in such a short time, and I see lots of potential in the UBports team.

    I understand what you're saying regarding the seemingly never ending need to change priorities, and not wanting to promise more than you can deliver. Even so, having worked in fields related to technology development (albeit not software development) for over thirty years, I continue to recommend that you, at the very least, publish your top priorities for the coming year, along with approximately when you want to achieve each of those priorities (with caveats, if needed). If for no other reason, doing so will help you to think through the most efficient path from A to B.

    Sure, you'll almost certainly need to amend your timeline multiple times throughout the coming year. (And I, for one, won't fault you when you do.) But having your priorities written down (and published to community) will help you to keep yourselves on track.

    So, once you get past OTA-12, I hope that, even if not a full roadmap, you'll at least publish a list of your top priorities for the coming year. And who knows, maybe a "unicorn" will find something on the list into which he might want to poke his horn. 🙂

  • @domubpkm Thanks that should be fixed now.

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