Call for testing: Samsung S3 Neo (s3ve3g) owners

  • Hello all,

    for getting our Halium 5.1 environment verified I decided to do a port of the Samsung S3 Neo (codename s3ve3g). I have now reached a point where I want alpha testers to give me some feedback.


    • Actors: Manual brightness
    • Actors: Notification LED
    • Actors: Torchlight
    • Actors: Vibration
    • Cellular: Carrier info, signal strength
    • Cellular: Data connection
    • Cellular: Incoming, outgoing calls
    • Cellular: PIN unlock
    • Cellular: SMS in, out
    • Cellular: Speakerphone (limited volume control)
    • Cellular: Voice in calls (limited volume control)
    • GPU: Boot into UI
    • Misc: Offline charging
    • Misc: Online charging
    • Misc: Shutdown / Reboot
    • Network: Bluetooth
    • Network: WiFi
    • Network: Flight mode
    • Sensors: Automatic brightness
    • Sensors: GPS
    • Sensors: Proximity
    • Sensors: Rotation
    • Sensors: Touchscreen
    • Sound: Earphones
    • Sound: Loudspeaker
    • Sound: Microphone
    • Sound: Volume control
    • USB: RNDIS access

    Working with manual steps

    • Network: Hotspot (needs reboot after end of hotspot mode, does not pair with any WiFi anymore)

    Not working

    • Camera: Flashlight
    • Camera: Photo
    • Camera: Video
    • Cellular: MMS in, out
    • GPU: Video acceleration
    • USB: MTP access

    Everything else seems to be fine. As I finished Bluetooth today which was a giant milestone (thanks to @peat_psuwit !!!) I would like to invite up to 5 alpha testers - first come first serve.

    Please write here or PM me, I will then follow with instructions as needed.

    Instructions can be found here:

    BR Florian

  • Update:

    • In-Call audio works now
    • GPS works now (was a faulty antenna on my device, it seems to have worked always already ;))

    I will try to invest now time into camera. However, even without that its already quite usable.

    BR Florian

  • Update: Automatic brightness works now. Next up will probably be Hotspot and MTP access

  • Cannot install AOSP 5.1 via TWRP
    Zip signature verification failed
    Invalid zip file format

    currently there is Lineage 7.1 installed.
    Any thoughts?
    Keep up the good work, Christian

  • @zenfunk You do not need to factory-reset this device, you can proceed with the install instructions...

  • @zenfunk Oh sorry, I had accidentially copied over a paragraph from the Nexus 6P. I fuxed the install instructions already.

  • OK, I am in download mode, ran the scrpt (had to install some dependencies: qemu binfmt-support qemu-user-static e2fsprogs sudo simg2img), image was built, but it complains about no device found.

    dmesg is:

    [439613.189873] usb 2-1.2: USB disconnect, device number 31
    [439622.117378] usb 2-1.2: new high-speed USB device number 32 using ehci-pci
    [439622.226225] usb 2-1.2: New USB device found, idVendor=04e8, idProduct=685d, bcdDevice= 1.00
    [439622.226230] usb 2-1.2: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0
    [439622.226233] usb 2-1.2: Product: MSM8960
    [439622.226235] usb 2-1.2: Manufacturer: Sasmsung

  • @zenfunk Nono you need adb for installation

    Download mode comes at the end to flash the kernel. Was this unclear from my text?

  • Mistake on my end, I ran the joined up commands on the bottom first and while not pushing the images to the device first, it then went into download mode with the second comand, so I assumed that it had to be in download mode.
    I managed to complete the first command, but heimdall cannot download the PIT file and exits:

    Downloading device's PIT file...
    ERROR: Failed to send request to end PIT file transfer!
    ERROR: Failed to download PIT file!
    Ending session...

    Any hints?

  • @zenfunk said in Call for testing: Samsung S3 Neo (s3ve3g) owners:

    lete the first command, but heimdall cannot download the PIT file and exits:

    Hmm you used heimdall from my download ? Could be a version problem...

  • @Flohack Also try another cable and/or USB port on your PC. It could be sensitive a bit

  • Jup, version problem. It seems as if heimdall 1.4.1 from the Ubuntu repos is no good, I compiled 1.4.2 and it seems to work. I am rebooting into UB ports right now.

  • Seems to be stuck at boot screen.....
    BTW, thanks for putting your time and effort into this.🍻

  • @zenfunk Hmm strange, can you connect it to the PC, and see if you get any RNDIS adapter in the hosts dmesg log?

  • Yes, this came up. Do you have any md5sums for the files?

  • BTW, AFAIK I never was asked for my passwords during install as was indicated by your instructions.

    Enter your local host´s sudo password when prompted the first time
    The second time, enter the intended device lock password

  • OK, I redownloaded the files, the checksums match. Reflashed with your heimdall (still no passwords though). Same result, the device hangs at the bootscreen, I even left it overnight. RNDIS comes up in dmesg. Any Ideas on how to get some logfiles off of that thing?

  • @zenfunk said in Call for testing: Samsung S3 Neo (s3ve3g) owners:

    DIS comes up in dmesg. Any Ideas on how to get some logfiles off of that thing?

    Sure, which IP does dmesg on the host tell you? Paste the relevant part of dmesg to a pastebin and link it here.

  • @zenfunk Ok that looks not so bad, use ssh phablet@ to get inside 🙂 - I will tell you what to look for, but basically use dmesg and /system/bin/logcat to get an idea whats going on. The phone has booted but is not able to get into graphics mode, we will find out why.

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