Call for testing: Samsung S3 Neo (s3ve3g) owners

  • Hello all,

    for getting our Halium 5.1 environment verified I decided to do a port of the Samsung S3 Neo (codename s3ve3g). I have now reached a point where I want alpha testers to give me some feedback.


    • Actors: Manual brightness
    • Actors: Notification LED
    • Actors: Torchlight
    • Actors: Vibration
    • Cellular: Carrier info, signal strength
    • Cellular: Data connection
    • Cellular: Incoming, outgoing calls
    • Cellular: PIN unlock
    • Cellular: SMS in, out
    • Cellular: Speakerphone (limited volume control)
    • Cellular: Voice in calls (limited volume control)
    • GPU: Boot into UI
    • Misc: Offline charging
    • Misc: Online charging
    • Misc: Shutdown / Reboot
    • Network: Bluetooth
    • Network: WiFi
    • Network: Flight mode
    • Sensors: GPS
    • Sensors: Proximity
    • Sensors: Rotation
    • Sensors: Touchscreen
    • Sound: Earphones
    • Sound: Loudspeaker
    • Sound: Microphone
    • Sound: Volume control
    • USB: RNDIS access

    Working with manual steps

    Not working

    • Camera: Flashlight
    • Camera: Photo
    • Camera: Video
    • Cellular: MMS in, out
    • GPU: Video acceleration
    • Network: Hotspot
    • Sensors: Automatic brightness (Causes high CPU load and suspend issues)
    • USB: MTP access

    Everything else seems to be fine. As I finished Bluetooth today which was a giant milestone (thanks to @peat_psuwit !!!) I would like to invite up to 5 alpha testers - first come first serve.

    Please write here or PM me, I will then follow with instructions as needed.

    Instructions can be found here:

    BR Florian

  • Update:

    • In-Call audio works now
    • GPS works now (was a faulty antenna on my device, it seems to have worked always already ;))

    I will try to invest now time into camera. However, even without that its already quite usable.

    BR Florian

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