• @poVoq: tuxi from freie messenger...I installd clickable even so it is from a non secure web page. And I am sorry I do not understand this kind of programming. I would like to help you but I can't. Web Apps and wrappers are not realy what I am lokking for. I wand to use nativ Apps. Conversations xmpp for Ubuntu touch is the thing I am looking for - native. I wish you all the best you are on a good way for xmpp in UT! I will still use your ConverseJS for single chat with omemo works fine! Maybe someone who is more into programming can help you - I would apriciate it. Anybody please help out. Thank you so much. PoVoq ConverseJS is a verry good idea that should be continued...!

  • Thanks. Well it's only intended to be a working solution until a better native app is made. Likely Kaidan will fill that spot in the future.

    But I'll likely still make some improvements such as a nicer login page and a dark mode.
    Given the limitations of the current HTML5 app support in UT, I have shelved more advanced plans.

    I just hope the switch to IndexDB that is happening with ConverseJS 6.0 isn't going to break it on the old qtwebengine UT uses.

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