How to uninstall app with config (--purge)

  • How to reinstall apps from OpenStore so they dont leave files in

  • You have to remove the directory for the app yourself, however some apps which are unconfined may do things elsewhere in your home directory, rather than under their own directories, and you'd need to find those things and remove them manually as well.

    For normal stuff though, you can also install UT Tweak Tool and use it to clear config/data/cache for apps.

    Note though, even in normal systems using apt remove --purge <package> does not remove config/data files from your home directory that were created by it.

  • @dobey
    I installed UT Tweak Tool a while ago but I missed that section! Thanks

    apt remove --purge removes only global configs (from /etc) ?

  • @dreamwebspace Yes, apt purge only removes files that the package manager knows about which are marked as config files. Additional config files may still remain, which aren't owned by the package, whether they are in /etc/ or other directories.

  • @dreamwebspace
    I 'factory reset' FluffyChat in UT tweak tool (clear all) but sill, as soon as I connect to internet I get bubble notification from chat I was connected to.

  • @dreamwebspace Yes, doing this won't disable push notifications, which are done from the server. You need to go into FluffyChat (or log in on settings for notifications, and tell the server to "forget" the device, and disable notifications.

  • @dobey

    so if I factory reset the device and sell it, new owner will be able to read my messages as soon as they install the app? awesome

  • @dreamwebspace Appologies if I am misunderstanding but surly if you wipe the device/factory reset it then reinstall UT with wipe your device is totally clean nothing from you remains. Your issue is something to do with matrix settings not clearing somehow.
    I had a similar thing with Dekko2 if I deleted the account in the app, then cleared everything using UT Tweak Tool deleted the app and restarted the device that cleared all the old settings maybe try that.

  • @Lakotaubp
    But I didnt remove account from app before clearing.

  • @dreamwebspace Sorry not sure what you mean. The process I followed on Dekko2 stopped old stuff popping back up when I uninstalled and reinstalled. If there is only one chat in Fluffy you want to loose, sign out of/delete that in fluffy first. Close an restart the app signout then use UT Tweak Tool to clear and delete it. Restart the device, install and sign back into fluffy. That should take out all the stuff you no longer need. Or am I missing something. Which is more than likely.

  • @Lakotaubp
    Its too late to remove account from app because app is factory reset (there is no account). I could try to login again but that was dummy account I doubt if I remember username and password. I dont need to use Matrix I just wanted to point out potential security/privacy issue (probably not on ubuntu side but concerning ubuntu users anyway)

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