How to do uninstall the ubuntu touch package after abort installation

  • Hello boys,
    I tried to follow the instructions for installing Ubuntu Touch but probably did something wrong. The smartphone opens with the fairphone page supported by ubuntu and nails it there. I would like to know how to uninstall the package on both PC and smartphone and start with a new installation. The operating system on the pc is peppermint 9, a derivative of ubuntu.Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

  • @Kunai You should not need to change or uninstall the installer just use the latest version for your system I have no direct experience with the fairphone but try the installer with a different usb cable also use recovery to clear the cache factory reset and try again. Also ask here as it is the weekend things are a bit slower. Also use the search function on the forum for help ther are lots of Fairphone posts on here. Good luck

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