Is there a way to remove scopes/dash?

  • Hi all,
    I am a new user (but long time Ubuntu user) determined to escape Android/iOS. I'm liking a lot of UBports on my Nexus 5. Few teething probs, but the sort of things I expected I would have.
    One silly thing that is bugging me - is it poss to turn off the Scopes/dash on rc/stable and have the app drawer as it appears on the devel ch? I am constantly swiping at it to try to get rid if it. I have been through the menu several times and searched. Am I being really unlucky & missing it or is it only like that on the devel ch atm? Looks beautiful on there as untouched xenial snow & as smooth as butter. On rc atm, as I mean to use this as my daily phone - sounded like a happy balance, but would be great if poss to switch to that clean no app appearance. Cheers

  • This post is deleted!

  • No sorry, the drawer was never there before what we will ship with the next OTA. But fear not, the progress is good and we are confident yo do not have to wait too long.

  • Or you could switch to dev channel and try it out. Frankly the dev channel seems more reliable as far as my usage has shown.

    You can always switch back to stable should something be problematic.

  • I second the comment above from @Giiba

  • Good stuff - thanks, all & all noted. Look forward to following progress & helping if & where I can.

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