Telegram notifications not showing if app not open

  • Today I received a message on my Telegram desktop app, which I did not read/view straight away. I looked down and noticed that my E5 (UBPorts) notification light was not flashing. So I went into the phone and opened up the Telegram app without viewing the new message. The new message light notification light then started flashing. This seems to be due to the fact that Telegram is not running in the background. However, this could result in missed messages for people. Is this the design of the app and the way it works with notifications and is it ultimately right?

  • This is not a feature, my Bq E5 also lost notifications at around the end of May. It looks like something cancels the registration of your Ubuntu One account in the Canonical notifications push server, and your device looses the notifications.

    A workaround that has been reported to work is to delete completely your Ubuntu One account, create a new one, and register again Telegram with the new Ubuntu One account. Just creating a new account and registering Telegram again, without deleting the old account, has not worked for me (I cannot erase my old account since it is my Launchpad account and I have a lot of history there).

    Now I have moved my daily device to a Nexus 5 and I have recovered Telegram notifications with my old account.

    In any case who knows how long we are going to have Telegram notifications, as soon as Canonical decides to close the push server they will be gone for good. There is some discussion on how to implement a sustainable notification system (maintaining a push server seems out of the possibilities of UBports) here in the forums and in github.

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