GPS don't work on Nexus 5

  • Hi Everyone on unav and google maps, my GPS dont work. Do you help me, the device is the second hand . and fresh install of ubports .thank you.

  • Hi @mito77,

    This is a common issue that people experience with Ubuntu Touch. Because we do not use WiFi or Bluetooth beacon location services like Android, it can take a long time to receive a location on your device.

    Please see this information to get GPS working:

  • @mito77 , in the Nexus 5 usually takes up to 5 minutes to connect the GPS, a quick solution is to open an app that turns on the gps and then close and open the app again.

    During that process it is reactivated earlier.


  • @Josele13 I cannot imagine this works... The GPS will be started from a cold boot, so it does not know any satellites and needs to lock on to at least 4 of them. This takes time. Closing that App and reopening will interrupt this process and you will start over from the beginning.

  • @Flohack Well, it must be a coincidence, I've done the test right now,
    Pure Maps... connected in 5 seconds
    Webapp Here maps... at the moment,
    webapp Michelin... at the moment.

    Other days it takes longer to connect the gps, all apps has gps access permission.


  • I found my way in a city; but, with google map app web client ... unav is very slowly, but, I take a screenshot of the way that I use on my road, for see where I turn left or right... But I held the phone upside down in my hand, to walk on certain streets, because the display is not really effective without a compass. I can't really see if I'm in the right direction at the navigation.

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