Can't select a lot of letter or a word

  • Hi, I can't select a lot of a letter or a word. Because I dont have a cursor. Do you help me ? Thank you.

    here a screenshot:

  • Hi, it looks like a bug:

    I experience that too.
    Which device are you using?

  • @joe Hi! Google Nexus 5 16G (second hand); I had this bug on android 9 with an other more recent phone. And it's not only on this app (native browser), it's on all app of this ub phone.

  • Sounds strange if it's also on Android. Doesn't seem to be device-specific. I can't find another app to test it on. Chances are those apps are also webapps or using qtwebengine.

    I have select (context menu) issues as well on Oneplus 3.

    As long as the text is editable i.e. text input areas, you can select things with long press on the spacebar. But it does seem that there is an issue here. Maybe file another bug report?

  • In my opinion this is a UT limitation. Any content where you're trying to select text (web page in Morph browser, or any web app) will behave that way. It's only within the on-screen keyboard that you can select whatever string of text you want. It's been like this for me since I started using UT 4 months ago.

  • @normandc It is not a limitation of UT, so much as an issue as a result of implementation, and may be an issue in Qt. The problem is that QtWebEngine (and Qt apps not using Ubuntu UI Toolkit) don't display the selection bulbs for some reason, because they aren't using the aforementioned UITK.

    Hopefully it is solvable though, but in the meantime, yes, the best way is to use the OSK to perform selection tasks in such apps.

  • @dobey
    It cannot be the "best way" when you cannot actually open the OSK. It is for example impossible to select and copy text off a web page (as is the OP's issue) to paste in another app. Recently I had no choice but to retype a block of text manually, it is quite tedious.

  • @normandc You are welcome to help find and resolve the issue, which would surely be better than arguing pedantry on a forum.

  • @normandc There is a solution which is not a panacea but which can help: there is always the possibility to select and copy elements with a long press, to paste them in a text editor, to work on the parts we are interested in, to copy the result obtained...

  • @joe Hi ! I comment the bug report on the link of github you have send me. And now I can only copy past all letter and word I need with an external keyboard bluetooth, but with the hand, or finger I can't select on a lot a app, like mail reader and other.

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