Right edge bug !

  • Hi I reset factory setting because the right edge don't close or doesn't appear. So now I can't use correctly ubports after reset (openstore don't work).
    https://ibb.co/BLwvc9P (screenshot)

  • @mito77 You seem to be having a few issues. If I where you I would reinstall UT using the installer without wipe then try everything again. You will then know you have a clean working UT and any issues are related to other things.

  • Yeah, I think I don't need to update or upgrade this distro. when I update I have a lot of bug.

  • @mito77 All I am suggesting is that as you are having a few bugs this one included is that to fix it rerunning the installer is a good option. In most cases issues like this are fixed by this method. You can then look for other reasons that may be causing the issue. Also please remember that UT is not and does not work as Ubuntu desktop for many reasons.

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