Is it worth doing an update of UBPorts?

  • So: a year or two ago, after reading that the Nexus5 seemed to be the most compatible cancerphone for a UBPorts install, I got myself a 2ndhand one and installed version 0.1.21 onto it.
    And, even though there is no reception where I live and I only use it when I (rarely) go into town, it is really enjoyable having a cancerphone that's not either the DarkSide (= a garlic&crosses area to me ☺! - it seems that iblahblahs involve continually having to send money to the 4thReich/EmpireofEvil) or Android - which, IMNSHO, is just a useless/gutted linux-ish OS anyway - on which one can't seem to get at the rootfs. Not, for that matter, that it seems one can in UBP either. 😏
    But there do seem to be a few glitches/problems with my install of it: every time it reads a file (eg plays a piece of music or a video) it seems to automatically make a copy of whatever it has read/played - which, of course, eventually causes it to run out of storage/space. Sure, it's no big deal to just go through it on my Mint18 PC desktop and delete all these unwanted/unnecessay/unaskedfor duplicates, but I'd rather it just didn't make them in the first place. And the Bluetooth connectivity, which was one of my main original motivations for getting it, is somewhat random/unreliable.

    After recently doing a DuckDuckGo search I find that UBP is now up to version 0.4.14, for which (naturally ☺ ) I've downloaded the installer, and I am wondering if any of these small hassles I'm having with it might not be happening with a newer/later version?
    But, knowing how linux (re)installs/updates format the hdds/sdds and dump everything, and usually seem to require downloading and re-installing all the various apps on one's desktop/GUI, I'm wondering if it's worth the hassle/time of doing an update/re-install to the latest version of UBPorts??

    So: as the title of my post says: is it worth the hour or two of hassle involved in doing a complete re-install from scratch? Or should I just leave the working but slightly glitchy version I've currently got alone?
    ie have there been any major improvements to UBP since my (now fairly ancient) install of it??

    TIA uplines

  • @Paul
    For what it's worth: UBports is moving on apace... in my opinion, it's always worth updating to get your hands on the good stuff!

  • @Paul I am not sure what number you found, but its not any official number of our versioning:

    • Ubuntu Touch is still based on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial
    • Our current update version is called OTA-11
    • The installer has a separate version number, you might have found this, but its not related to the software version on the device

    That said, it always makes sense to update to the latest 😉

    BR Florian

  • And no way should it take an hour or so. Update is the best option.

  • While I agree with those above that it is best to stay up to date, I also feel the OP should be aware that the two issues the OP mentions when using Ubuntu Touch will still be present in the lastest version. Bit that should not stop him from updating IMO.

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