Ubuntu Touch devices list on the website has some missing / false info.

  • Are you sure? Because comments section is full of people who claim that they've managed to install Ubuntu Touch on their phones.

  • @linuxadopter It's not clear if you're replying to my comment or @Lakotaubp with that question, but yes I am 100% certain that the need for the Ubuntu Edition OEM image being on the device, is for partitioning requirements.

  • @linuxadopter partitions sizes can be increased/shrink to fit the img, but it's not an easy task for ,,average Joe,,
    again, all is here on Ubports forum. Some skills/experience with flashing Android, using Terminal, some basic Gnu-Linux knowledge, etc are needed to achieve this on Android version of Pro 5.

  • @Lakotaubp It wouldn't be hard to put a Beta, Alpha or Upcoming label to them. Imagine having a OnePlus 3, downgrading it to 1 in order to use Ubuntu Touch only to find out that there already was a port in development for 3 and you could've just kept your previous phone. Congratulations you replaced your phone with an inferior product for nothing!
    As for MX4 according to my research there is a program called TowelRoot that can root it. You can unlock Pro 5 with ADB.

  • @Stefano You are right but than again, avarage Joe wouldn't install UT in the first place (I think anyway, I might be wrong).

  • @dobey I replied to you. Maybe you are right. I can't say for sure since I don't have the phone.

  • @linuxadopter Also imagine buying a OP3 expecting it work and it doesn't. Incoming calls are only just working and not correctly all the time, Bluetooth is not working camera works on the 3 not on the 3T and the list goes on. Those devices on the list work now not in the future . Other device are also being ported and have yet to make the installer, do we add those too. I got a OP3 months ago for Ubuntu Touch and it's only close now these thing take time in some cases a long time. Alpha, beta etc is also a but vague your idea of beta might not be mine.
    It's best to buy what works now not in the future in most cases, unless you like a lot of work and effort. That's what that list gives.

  • Dear All, we are working hard to get the missing devices on the device page. Unfortunately this page is not static content but created out of a database, and we had to first refactor the code to support the second category properly. Also this information is used by the installer, so its a multi-use backend service and we need to make the changes right.

    I hope we will get the missing devices online soon!

    BR Florian

  • @Lakotaubp Okay you have good points. In that case let's just put these phones to a "in development" or "incompelete devices" category and state that those versions aren't ready for daily use and should be used only by developers and testers. That might be helpful. Also the devices that are fully working are listed in promoted devices category. So list DOES include devices that aren't ready (that's what the site says anyway).

  • @Flohack Thank you so much for the work you have done for the project! Always take your time.

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