How can I place an icon on the desktop, or on the menu bar?

  • This isnt an application development question, I have some simple programs that run either in bash, or as compiled c++ programs. I'm interested in where the icons, or links to programs are stored.

    I tried making a link with $ln -s /home/phablet/hello /home/phablet/Desktop/hello
    the link was made, but when i click on it in the file manager, it asks if i want to open it with some other program. when I select open with" it doesnt show me any other programs, just a link to the app store.

    I can execute the link via the terminal, but thats not really what I want to do. I would like to click a button on the application list, or in the side bar, and get the program output. how do I do that?

    Where are application links stored?

  • On the "desktop" is currently not possible.

    To place it permanently in the side bar, launch the app, then longpress the temporary icon and select the option.

  • @Eric Just to clarify are you referring to your PinePhone. It may make no difference but you never know.

  • The user installed apps have .desktop files kept in ~/.local/sharr/applications/

    Try creating a desktop file there, and it should appear in the drawer. I am not sure how to launch a cl tool that way though...

  • There is currently no support for launching an app in a terminal. If the things you want to create icons for are CLI tools, you will first need to open the terminal app, and then run your tools from there.

  • @Lakotaubp yes, PinePhone
    is what I have ubuntu touch installed on

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