Built TELEports crashes on startup

  • Hi, guys! I'm trying to build TELEports from sources in order to take a part in delevopment but unable to launch it on my Nexus 5. I followed simple guide from README.md:

    git submodule update --init
    clickable build-libs tdlib-prepare --arch amd64
    clickable build-libs tdlib --arch armhf

    Everything's got complied and installed on the device but it seems that the app crashes on startup — a logo is shown for a moment and then it closes.

    These are last lines of output:

    Successfully built package in './teleports.ubports_0.6.0.200209214823_armhf.click'.
    /home/ezze/Development/ubports/teleports/build/arm-linux-gnueabihf/app...9214823_armhf.click: 1 file pushed. 4.9 MB/s (7490770 bytes in 1.460s)
    Installing files              [=========================]         
    Finished                      [=========================]         
    Installing files              [=========================]         
    Starting                      [=========================]         
    Finished                      [=========================]         
    Installed   	teleports.ubports- (installed:click,removable=1,app_name=push,app_name=teleports)	summary goes here

    I tried to build from both master and latest v0.6.1...

    How can I understard what's going wrong? Are any logs or debug information available? Sorry for these (probably) dumb questions. I'm not a C++ developer but JavaScript/Node.js one and would be happy to get some feedback.

  • Please join the TELEports Telegram group, this forum is not the right place to help you out 😉

  • Means, PM me your Telegram name...

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