The keyboard is not shown sometimes (dev channel)

  • This bug is solved.

    But I have this case where it's not always shown when I'm browsing between two webapps.

    For example :
    I open a Deepl Translator webapp: Keyboard shown;
    I open a Github webapp: keyboard shown;
    Switch back to Deepl: Keyboard shown;

    ** Switch back to Github webapp: can't switch the keyboard back unless I close the webapp and open it again.

    Are other users experiencing this yet ?
    Does this case already refer to something known and/or a bug report somewhere ?
    I'm not sure.

  • I experience this constanly in all apps. Anytime I flip between apps there is a chance the keyboard disappears in one. Nothing brings it back but closing the app and reopening it... very frustrating.

    It seems to effect Messages and the Terminal apps the worst, but is certainly not restricted to just those apps.

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