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  • Hello
    i liked you Ubuntu touch so far, but i have some points.

    1. having a notification box all the time on top of the screen and a sign that i disabled the screen rotation is annoying i like my screen as clean as possible .
    2. being always stuck in the app drawer is annoying also i just want a clean background . maybe it's not called app drawer it's called scopes don't know really

  • I'm guessing your on stable channel. Why not try changing to RC in System Settings, Update, Update Settings, and scopes will disappear. Scopes are being removed in the upcoming OTA12. RC or release candidate has that now. You can always change back again if you want to.

  • @Lakotaubp yeah i chose the stable build due to my lack of any programming and development skills,

  • @stan You don't need those at all for the RC channel. Stable is as it states very stable and should give you no issues. RC is the next stage and might have a few little issues that crop up but nothing to drastic and in most cases us fine for everyday use and gets weekly now uodates. Dev is the channel to keep away from if you don't want the unexpected, and as for edge channel as they used to say Here be Dragons

  • @Lakotaubp that very informative to me i will go and switch to RC now 😃

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