signal vs telegram

  • hello
    please may i ask please is signal or telegram is any of them better than the other ?

  • @stan
    🙂 Well personally I prefer Matrix. There's a very good client called FluffyChat for UT.
    A lot of the devs here like Telegram, and the UT Telegram rooms are very active.
    There are also "Bridges" between Telegram and Matrix rooms.

    I haven't used Signal, but there is an app in the OpenStore.

  • i just need one to replace what's app more than for chat with friends with android and iphones

  • Signal! All chats, including group chats, end-to-end encrypted by default.

  • thank you so much

  • have you checked out "Brax.Me" for privacy ,its in the openstore

  • @Marathon2422 yes checked it looks nice but i think signal and telegram as famous so a lot of people i using them already i don't have to invite everyone

  • @stan I would prefer Signal. Sadly almost nobody I know is using it and as long push notifications don't work without a workaround for axolotl I dont't use it.

  • oh that settle it then telegram it is,

  • Since this discussion is taking place on the ubports forum I presume that both Signal and Telegram are available on ubports. I would like to use or at least try Signal, but where can I find it?

  • I'd like to use Signal, but there are no notificcations. Which makes it kind of useless. I'm not going to check the app every 15 minutes.

    One advantage of Telegram is the desktop app. I'm on my computer a good part of the day, and typing on a real keyboard is much easier.

  • @RandomUser You can use the UTTT to disable the backgroundsuspending. While Axolotl is open in the background, you will receive notifications.

  • Here is an interesting article about how in Signal is beeing invested:

    In german

    Is there any possibility to connect Signal and Telegram somehow? Or what has to be done that that can be achieved? Does somebody know?

    Telegram has something about 200 Millionen users worldwide - is after WA with more than 1 billion No 2. Together with Signal both could be really an alternative!

  • @Mic_ I dont think this would ever happen, since they are fundamentially different systems, and Signal would probably refuse to weaken their security to allow interaction.

    For example, in Telegram there are no encrypted groups at all whereas they are encrypted on the Signal side. How you gonna deal with formiung groups between Signal and Telegram users? Also, those systems are base don a central service, you cannot just forward messages between both backends without further troubles.

    People have to make a choice, and there will never the only perfect messenger for all people on this planet. And I think thats OK.

  • i read a rumor that whats app might start in app ads.
    if this happens i think more people will switch to signal and Telegram .

  • Ok, understand. A little bit disappointing.

    "Signal would probably refuse to weaken their security to allow interaction"

    Yes that would be my next idea. If Signal 'allows' having contacts without encryption - would than a connection between 2 persons from telegram to signal imaginable?

    I mean it could also be that this hardcore encryption will not all the time be allowed...?

    And of course I agree that everybody should choose them freely - but actually one actor you can only install until you agree that he reads out your contacts and what you do on the phone - here we are not on a normal market I would argue. Not normal markets normally results in not normal regulations - we are only missing until now.

  • @Mic_ besides the encryption issue you also need to federate both services together. There is for example the problem, what if a person has both Telegram AND Signal accounts registered to their phone number? The servers currently would not know how to route this.
    If a service is not built with federation in mind like XMPP or Matrix its really really next to impossible to get this done properly at a later stage. I remember with horror the things Microsoft did to couple MSN Messenger and Skype accounts. It was never working as expected.
    Or even Skype for Business and their former Lync application: Messages got stuck, people were always offline etc. And that was inside the same company 😉

  • Ok, thx for the explanation! I really didn't know how complex that is. And if MSN and Skype did not work ... I understand.

    So if somebody wants to go the regulative way, it must be defined a protocoll or something which all messengers have to be able to handle (at least additionaly).

    And probably that would never happen.

    Would it be imaginable that Telegram or Signal have to add e.g. XMPP?

    Ok I really have no idea what Telegram is doing different - but a protocoll just means nohing else than a predefined order of info inside a file - which should be at least possible.

    I am also not sure if a connection between messengers will not bring more problems than it solves - but the market position of WA would be broken during a short time.

    However, thx for the input.

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