Nexus 4 issues.

  • I've recently been seeing a couple of issues on my Nexus 4 that may or may not be connected.

    First: I can only flip between apps, the "card stack" that allows me to close an app by dragging it to the bottom of the screen does not appear to be accessible.

    Second: When I try to drag the phone slider to the "accept" side to answer an incoming call, it does not register and just bounces back to the centre.

    I am running the stable 16.04, OTA-11 image.
    Has anyone else seen similar issues? While I am a very light phone user I think that it has worked properly since the OTA-11 update (installed 3 Nov last year), and the problems have only arisen in the last two to three weeks.

  • @James-T I would either try running the installer (without selecting the wipe option) and reflashing stable. Or try changing to the RC channel via system setting and see if that fixes it. You will be getting the current version of RC soon anyway as OTA-12 so there is no risk of major issues.

  • @Lakotaubp: Thanks for the suggestions.
    I do have another N4 somewhere with the Development channel installed, so provided it's not too out-of-date to update properly I'll give that a try over the weekend as well.

  • It sounds like you probably have a dead section of the touch sensor in the screen, such that it causes the swipe actions to be cancelled part way through.

    You can install one of the painting apps from the store and try to paint across to see where the failure happens exactly.

  • @dobey — Spot on, I installed Finger Painting and there's a column about 1/3 in from the RHS, and about 3/8 inch wide where the paint brush does nothing.

  • @James-T Hmm... thats quite interessting: I ve got the same two issues on my Nexus 4 for months (running OTA-12). Gonna download an painting-app - we will see...

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