How to set a WiFi static IP ?

  • Tried to set a manual IP configuration on my OnePlusOne to get access to a hidden wlan. But it seems to be that there's no Option in the Wlan Config except of just typing in the SSid and password, so only DHCP is possible to configure?
    Or did I miss something?

  • @Torkel67 Not a direct answer to your question but I achived manual IP configuration from the router - I associated the mac address of the phone with a static IP.

  • @Torkel67
    Short answer: Yes, the only configuration available from settings is SSID and password.

    But you can further configure your Wi-Fi connection using nmcli from the terminal.

    To list connections:

    nmcli c

    To edit a connection (replace id with the id you get in the previous command):

    nmcli c edit YOUR-ID

    here you can use the 'print' command to list all properties of the network and change them with


    Then save changes with the command:


    When you reconnect to the network the changes will be applied.

  • thanx for the replies!
    I think I've to live with dhcp for a while, 'cause the display of the OnePlusOne is not really designed for working with terminal( big fingers make scrolling not easy 😃 ). And at the moment I'm to stupid to get ssh working 😃
    Thanx anyway

  • @Torkel67 said in How to set a WiFi static IP ?:

    And at the moment I'm to stupid to get ssh working

    Haha 😃
    You don't have to be smart ; you can use UT Tweak Tool :

    • hamburger menu >System
    • SSH params

    Everything is there and it's as easy as pushing your public key to the phone...

  • Yeah, it works!!!! 😃 ssh is working and the static IP is set with the nmcli commands I'm not as stupid as I thought,
    I figured out that you can't copy or create files or folders (via USB) directly to the User's home( tried to copy the keys via usb), it only works in the Downloads, Documents etc. folders, it would be nice to correct the instructions on docs.ubports

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