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  • Hi !

    I think the explanations for the settings are a bit confusing. In the section "edge barrier sensitivity" I can set a value which defines "how much you have to push in order to trigger the associated action". There is not mentioned if this value is in px, in Grid Units, in % of the screen... px would make the most sense to me, afaik the grid units used on Ubuntu touch devices are 40, 50 or 90 per screen width, depending on device size - see https://ubuntu.com/blog/the-grid-system-in-detail

    Why is a mouse pointer mentioned? Is all this stuff meant for using an attached mouse?

    I read "how much you have to push" as "How far you have to swipe"; the german translation ( "wie stark gedrückt werden muss") implies that it relates to the amount of pressure you have to apply, which I think is a very bad translation, almost dangerous...

    For the other settings grid units values are used, which makes it more likely that the width of the space set for the area sensitive for pushing/swiping is meant. But the possible setting of 100 grid units does not make sense to me; on my Fairphone2 50 would be the limit.

    And I don't understand the condition that is mentioned for the Edge barrier minimum/maximum push setting - "when sensibility is 100/ resp. 1"?

    To be honest, the only setting which is clear to me is the last, "Edge drag areas width", values from 1 to 6 grid units....

    Could someone please shed some light in this confusion ? Thx...

  • @hankschwie

    UT Tweak Tool is meant for experienced users and as such people are aware that they have to be cautious using the app.

    If you want to report several issues regarding the labeling of settings, you might want to report them on the app's repo :

    On a separate notice, I'd say that it would be nicer of you to suggest changes instead of simply stating what is not right.
    For example, you can contribute to the project on German translation.
    When opening an issue the good practice is to state what you did, then what you noticed AND suggest what it should be according to you.

    Issues are then reviewed and discussed to find the better solution.

    Best regards.

  • @AppLee
    Well, "experienced user" is a thing on its own... How can you tell if someone is cautious using an app? Because he asked questions how to use it? Isn't it good practise to ask if you would like to understand things?

    Did your answer offer any kind of information regarding my questions?

    best regards...

  • @hankschwie
    You're right about asking, no problem in doing so.

    And sorry, but no : I don't have the answers you're looking for.
    I may have a certain experience, I use UTTT on a very limited number of features I fully understand.

    If I had time, (which I don't for this kind of activity) I'll test more and write a user guide or some kind of documentation with my findings.
    What I wanted to say is that I understand your questions, they're probably legitimate, but I had two remarks :
    1- The way to do it : proposing help is always much appreciated.
    2- The place to do it : I think gitlab was more suited for issues while the forum is better to get help on achieving a task.

  • @AppLee

    See, that is exactly the point: I do try to write some kind of user documentation over at
    https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Baustelle/Ubuntu_Touch/UT Tweak Tool/ , and that's my way of 'proposing help' as you call it...
    The place to do is gitlab? I don't think so, at least not at the time being. I could do that when I know what those settings are meant to do, and afterwards open an issue if the don't do what they are meant to do.
    so long

  • @hankschwie
    Right, so we're on the same page ; just a little misunderstanding.
    I'm sorry if it offended you.

    I hope someone can answer your questions.

  • Hi @hankschwie,

    As you correctly suspected, the Edge barrier sensitivity settings have everything to do with using a mouse as the descriptions say (in English at least). I suppose the Edge drag areas width setting could be applicable to touch as well as to mouse usage, but its placement here suggests that its primary target is mouse usage.

    As you may know, Lomiri (formerly Unity8) is designed to provide a convergent user interface. That is why these settings exist. Although maybe it would be less confusing if they were hidden unless a mouse device were connected.

  • sorry for jumping in but may i ask if i can use UT tweak tool to make the settings menus scroll faster ?

  • Hi @stan,

    That question is totally unrelated to the original post. Some might say you are hijacking this thread ... 😉

    Nevertheless, to answer your question: No, there is no entry in UTTT dealing with scroll speed.

  • @arubislander sorry and thank you😁

  • I have been meaning to post about UTTT's Edge sensitvity descriptions as well.

    To steer us back, can anyone explain what:
    "Maximum push needed to overcome edge barrier."
    "How much you have to push (in grid units) the mouse aginst the edge barrier when sensibility is 100."

    "Minimum push needed to overcome edge barrier."
    "How much you have to push (in grid units) the mouse aginst the edge barrier when sensibility is 1."

    actually means?

    To me it sounds like when I am being totally rational (how on earth does my phone know?!) there is a maximum push setting, and when I am being completely irrational there is a minimum push setting. Very confusing...

  • Hi @Giiba,

    The wording could be better yes. But the sensibility refers to the first setting Edge barrier sensitivity. It would have been better to render it sensitivity instead of sensibility. The connection might have been more obvious then.

    As to the actual meaning of the two settings, i.e. as to how they are supposed to work exactly: 🤷🏽♂. I just think of them in general as defining how long I need to push the mouse pointer against the left edge before the Launcher appears. The numbers don't really say much. One would just choose a position on the slider and then check to see if the setting is comfortable for them, and adjust it if not.

  • @arubislander
    OK, thanks alot! So small wonder I can't seem to find any differences!
    With a mouse connected it makes sense, I'll check what happens when I play around with the settings. It works even if the device is not connected to an external display.

    The mouse is only mention in "small print", and I didn't make the right connection when reading it...

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