kernel 3.4.113 now available for FP2 (LOS 16)

  • Hello !
    This message just to inform you that Chris Hoffmann (main porter of LineageOS for the FP2) just proposed us to test a newer kernel (3.4.113, compared to 3.4.0 on official FP OS) on this topic of the fairphone forum. 😃

    As Marius always say : new developments benefit to all OS, so I'm wondering if this newer kernel could benefits to the UBports project?
    Could it be safe to try it "as it is" (boot.img) or is it unlikely to work?? (e.g. if some specific patches are needed for UT?)

    /!\ I didn't tested it on Ubuntu Touch - proceed at your own risks /!
    EDIT: source code is here (I think this branch)

  • Awesome !

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