Problems installing UT on OnePlus 3T

  • Hi Users,

    I'm having similar problems to others trying to get UT installed on OP3T. I get the usual 'Connection to device lost' message then 'Try again' repeating loop. Then tried going into 'Android Recovery' -> 'Android Actions' -> 'Advanced' -> 'Wipe system partition' -> 'Yes' have this notification:-

    --Wiping system...
    format_volume failed to unmount "/System"
    System wipe failed

    ...perhaps someone can walk me through the TWRP procedure instead.

    Many thanks


  • @shapley Need to double check but instll the correct twrp for the OP3t using fastboot format all partions to ext4 then run the installer all details in here not just right at the top but a few post down as well.

  • Hi @shapley , I might be able to help. I remember that you had been trying to get ut on to the op3t some time ago and I notice that the instructions at the top of the Device thread have changed since then. When I installed on my 3T I managed without twrp, but only just! That was mainly because I hadn't used twrp before and found the prospect too intimidating at that time, so I persevered with other guidance that was offered combined with a bit of dumb improvisation! You have read all of this on the Device Thread, yes?

    Since then I have installed twrp a few times on other devices and have become a bit more familiar with it, but still a learner.

    What is the state of your 3T at the moment (os, no os?) and are you familiar with installing twrp in the first place? I'm guessing you are...

  • @shapley
    This will give you info on installing twrp and wiping partitions

    This shows you how to see partition file system info from the twrp interface, and change to ext4 if necessary

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