Xenial on Meizu Pro 5

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    @Stefano said in Xenial on Meizu Pro 5:

    @a1termator You bet it will fix that issue.

    For some reason prevous post was deleted, but sadly new antenna cable did not fix the bad reception problem. Dunno where the problem is. So back to finding new phone if Pro 5 is not going to be core device. One can hope it comes to such so i could order another one and now i have spare parts :)

  • @alternador My pro5 was an original Ubuntu touch,it had poor reception, I put Flyme on it,no problem,nor with bluetooth,,I mean don't give up on it,I feel sure someone will figure it out. I am on ubports now,but I am not using a sim card,as I have a company phone,so I cant help with reception details

  • I also need a update on this. I use my pro 5 on a daily basis but like Stefano says their are bugs that have to be worked out to make this device solid.

  • I am very interested as well. My Pro 5 is my only phone. I am sooo pleased with it! I bought it with android, converted it to international version and installed Ubuntu on it. I then switched to the Ubports version, first stable and then devel. I have no problem with wifi, data connection. I am very, very pleased with it. I love the new browser.

    Back in the days I tried the xenial devel version of Canonical and it would not start the graphical interface. But I was able to log in through ssh. And I had the same question as the OP: if 16.04 was once running on this device, why couldn't it run again?

    And a closing note: a big thank you to the Ubports team!!!

  • @Stefano So, Ubports will upgrade BQ M10 to Xenial because the exception is being made for this device despite being CLOSED SOURCE as Canonical have done Heavy Lifting according to Marius from last Uborts Community update.
    It seems that you guys don't want Pro 5 to get Xenial despite Canonical has done the heavy lifting there as well. https://plus.google.com/u/0/101216811071065193275/posts/NBB5UYa5fy5
    According your stats, currently 155 users ( more than FP2) has Ubports running on their Pro5.
    It would be a little bit unfair to us not to get that upgrade.

  • @Stefano Just want to say THANK YOU UBports on decision to put Xenial on Pro 5 as said in your last community update. We owners of Pro 5 really appreciate it.

  • Yay, that's wonderful news! Tkank you! :)

  • WOW! YESSS! THANK YOU! Minute 38 from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGvo5sGEHmU

  • @mihael
    To be exact, it was said here on that position: https://youtu.be/MGvo5sGEHmU?t=2301

  • Hi,all, i am from china, i have an android pro5, i flash it,Now power by ubports ubuntu touch, It is my importance phone, i love it. it like a mini computer, very good!

    i hope ubports team continue develop Xenial on Meizu Pro5,

    Forgive my poor english, Thanks All!

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