Minimizing keyboard - Nexus 5

  • Hi!
    Is there a trick or something that alows minimizing the keyboard? I found that many times the keyboard covers half of the screen and I can't see what I'm typing. An example would be on Pure Maps, at search results: if I slide up the page with the results, some will still be covered by the keyboard and I'm not able to see the entire page.

  • @C0n57an71n
    There is a thin gray line on top of the keyboard.
    (It's wider in the messaging app than pure maps I agree)
    You can grab this line and slide it down to hide the keyboard.

    But IMHO apps should resize the list so there is no need to hide the keyboard.
    I guess y can open an issue about it.

  • @AppLee Thank!
    Sliding the keyboard down will do the trick.
    I will look on another apps since is not the first time I encountered this.
    Is not a bug, more like a learning curve from the users side 🙂

  • @AppLee I've notice the same issue here, on the forum. When I write an extended text, the last line of text is covered by the keyboard. Sliding the text up doesn't help as the last line stays under it, I need to minimize always the keyboard in order to see what I'm writing. Is that a known issue or is just me that is having it?

  • @C0n57an71n
    The forum's app is just a WebApp and as such, integration with the system is minimal.
    The keyboard pops up when needed but the site's UI cannot adapt to something it has no idea it even exists.

    So in that case I would say it is normal. Not ideal I agree, but expected.

    If you're using Teleports or the messaging app you'll see that the text field's bottom is connected to the keyboard.
    And you can still scroll the list of messages on top of the text field.

    That is what you can expect from an app designed for UT.
    As for Pure Maps it can have the same integration level but this is a cross platform app.
    So maybe the effort required to improve the UX is too big compared to the inconvenient.
    I'm a big fan of Pure Maps and I noticed this UX problem, but really it was not big of a deal.

    For writing messages I found it annoying though, but I usually manage. Plus I don't have any clue how to fix this for WebApps... ???

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