choose which folders to share through USB connection

  • If I connect my UBports smartphone to my PC through a USB connection, I see no folders if phone is locked, and several folders mounted if phone is unlocked.

    The question is: can I restrict access to subfolders that I do not want to be mounted on my computer through USB?

    Or can I setup a password for these folders? Or do I have to encrypt them somehow?

    Best regards.

  • Hi @ferdymercury
    Basically those folders could not be customized. It's the system default folders and apps use special rights to gain access to one or many of these folders.

    Can I ask why you want to "secure" any subfolder ? You can move the data you don't want to be accessible via USB with the file manager. And if you set a passphrase than you'll have to unlock your phone to access the content from the computer.
    For most people it seems to be enough...

  • Ok thanks for the explanation. Then I will move data to other folder with the file manager.

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