Edge swipes not detected?

  • I have an issue with the RPi Touchscreen (with a RPi 3) that left and right edge swipes are not detected. I can pull down the app indicator menu from the top. But without left and right swipes I cannot switch apps or close apps with the touchscreen, I need to plug in a keyboard.

    I have seen other posts with some edge swipes not getting detected. I have tried edge sensitivity tweaks in the UT Tweak Tool, but that doesn't affect touchscreen usage, but rather mouse usage.

    Is there any way to adjust the edge swipe detection threshold? Again my issue is with a RPi but it may be a broader issue so am posting here to "Support".

  • @rik
    IDK about RPI, so maybe a stupid question, but what channel are you on ?
    There is no problem with swiping in OTA11 and RC channel AFAIK.

    So it's probably device specific or hardware related...

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