Pine64 PinePhone

  • In case you missed this exciting announcement last week, the Pine64 PinePhone UBports 'Community Edition' is now available for pre-order!

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  • @UBportsNews How could it have been possible to have missed that ???

  • Hi,
    I have some questions about pine64 pinePhone:

    1. I read that UBports will be available as option for the phone. Is the current pinePhone a prototype/development phone or is it at final stage/release phone?
    2. Does UBports support android app? For instance via anbox?
    3. I read here that there are some important stuff that do not work. Do you think that is just a question of time?
    4. Do you have info about SAR value of pinePhone?
      Thank you

  • @erotavlas
    1- The UBports community edition is the final version
    2- Anbox is highly experimental but yes it's available with all its limits
    Warning don't expect full support of android apps
    3- Basic features will work by the time the phone is shipped and it will improve over time. PinePhone is very important for the community
    4- No idea, you may ask this question to Pine64 on their forum.

  • @AppLee i really want to order the phone, but i'm worried about that it has only 2 gb ram and the processor clock speed seems on the low side.
    will it be fast responding phone compared to nexus 5 and oneplus3t

  • @stan
    Well it is a bit slow right now but I'm running UT on the SD card and there are optimizations coming.
    I think it will be as fast as the N5. Clock speed is not my concern for running UT.

    Ask around on telegram if other people more into performances have a different opinion.
    Because I have to say I'm more interested in features and usability than raw performances.

  • @AppLee i just like fast responding devices and i like the idea that i can connect it to my monitor and continue my work
    sorry for my many question? but is the final version also running frim sd card ?

  • @stan There's a few videos on Youtube posted which show Pinephone with UT. Bare in mind that most are braveheart devices and that what you see is current state. In my view, it runs pretty well from what I can tell, and it's being improved on a near-daily basis.

  • @Loops do you have any idea if the brave heart same or different than ub version ?
    i will check the videos now thank you

  • @stan Braveheart was aimed at developers to get hardware and software working together. The newly announced community edition is more consumer friendly. I am purchasing this one. There are some revisions in the new version such as:

    'In comparison with the PinePhone 'Braveheart' devices which launched in 2019, the PinePhone UBports 'Community Edition' devices are distiguished by a new motherboard revision and a custom backplate bearing the UBports name and logo.'

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