Access to social websites with BQ Aquaris E4.5

  • Hi, i have installed the latest UBPorts (rev 2020/05/02 ) version on my BQ Aquaris E4.5 and it works really well.
    I have only one problem: the main social websites (facebook, twitter, reddit) doesn't work in browser and i get the error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.
    I have no problem with all others website that i used to read.


  • @turgore There are some Facebook (Sailbook) and Twitter apps in the App Store which work well for me (on my 4.5).

  • @negations it was my fault! Hosts file was replaced by uAdBlock and it compromises social network access.
    Remounted root dir in write mode and restore original /etc/hosts.
    Now i have no problem.
    Thank you!

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