Dekko \ account purge \ uninstall

  • Not sure if this is a bug or not, but i uninstalled dekko 2, then reinstalled a few days later - my original account and emails where still on the device, which was unexpected

    how do i go about completely purging old accounts (emails/data/etc) from dekko, and completely from the device (not just unlinked/inaccessible from the client), and how can i confirm it has happened, if i use the dekko account remove option? or maybe there is a better way?

  • @pixelated To completly remove anything like that use UT Tweak Tool. Select the app from the Apps and Scopes menu option, press the clear button tick all options and clear then delete the app and restart the device.

  • brilliant thanks!

  • @pixelated

    For the record, the behavior you described is not a bug. When an app is uninstalled the users data and settings are not automatically removed. Just as they are not on desktop Ubuntu. These typically live in your home folder. Having your data and settings intact when reinstalling an app after having removed it is a feature.

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