No video playback

  • Since last fridays rc-update I can't play video files from the gallery or internal storage. When I try, I get a warning that the video file is not supported.
    I tried to change channel and to reflash the system but it didn't work.
    Any ideas what is wrong and what I can do?

  • @TobsEnd
    You'll have to give more information.
    What phone/tablet are you using and when was the last time you were successful in watching video ?

    If the latest RC is responsible as you imply, switching channel to stable should fix it and therefor prove your theory.
    If you have a Nexus 5 this is a known issue for quite some time now due to hardware acceleration.

  • Sorry, I'm using a FP2 and never had any problems watching videos in the last year. I can't say when I last watched videos but the only thing that happend in between was the update on friday.

  • @TobsEnd
    On RC channel updates are weekly...
    Try to switch to stable and try again. Have you checked the opened issues?

  • @TobsEnd I had similar issue with FP2 some time ago. Couldn't figure why, happened after update, persisted after channel change (stable, rc) and next OTA updates didn't fix the video playback. I couldn't play videos for several months.

    The video issues were fixed after complete UBports reinstall (with wipe) using the installer.

    I hope it will fix your issues too.

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