not-home screen ota12 addons

  • wondering if there are plans to add functionality to the currently empty non-home screen, eg applets/widgets? if so, is that framework already there and ready for testing?

    can anyone point me to info to get started making something?

  • @pixelated the only actual project is :
    No plan from ubports devs in a near futur, they focus on other more important stuff for the moment.

  • Yeah i've seen that one, might give it a go

    i guess i am wondering what the home container actually is, and how/if it could host a container for QML or even HTML, without having to pull apart the entire unity code to figure it out (like putting an iframe into webpage) or recompiling lots of things

    canonical used to havea comprehensive list of all parts of UT, that you could search through fairly easily, cant see a way to do that now (my laptop doesnt have the space to dl the entire thing from github lol)

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