Favourite Libertine Apps

  • Hi folks,

    Just wondering what people typically install from Libertine, and how useful they find the applications.

    I am especially interested in what works well on the M10 tablets outside Desktop mode.

    I have used Transmission, mComix and AbiWord. Transmission works pretty well. mComix is fine for opening and reading if you start by tapping on the file - opening the app first and trying to open files from there is awkward - the menus are unusable and / or appear to be off screen. I found AbiWord to similarly be more or less not worth using.

    Has anyone had a positive experience with these or other applications?

  • The following desktop apps are working ok in OTA12 via Libertine in my tests (meaning that they launch and can, with some work arounds and patience with the clunkiness of their guis when used on mobile devices, generally made to function), and all offer some amount of functionality that is not necessarily already found with UT native apps.
    For apps that much more suited for desktop, like AbiWord and GIMP, I would suggest using them with an external keyboard/mouse/trackpad and/or external display.

    abiword - word processor
    file-roller - archive manager
    evince - pdf viewer
    firefox - web browser
    gimp - image editor
    gthumb - image gallery & editor
    gedit - text editor
    medit - text editor
    gtick - metronome for musicians
    youtube-dl - command line YouTube video downloader - run in Terminal app
    hardinfo - system information & benchmark tester
    xournal - note taking via touch, stylus or text; pdf annotator
    mypaint - illustration - note it is somewhat laggy and crash prone though
    easytag - id3 tag editor for audio files
    p7zip-full - command line archive manager for 7zip files
    p7zip-rar' - command line archive manager for rar files
    mpv - media player - open files into it from the File Manager app

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

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