Garmin smart watch sync wit Ubuntu Touch

  • Hey,

    I am thinking of flashing my FP2 with Ubuntu Touch, but I have Garmin smart watch and would need it to sync (sport activities, notifications, etc.) two of them. I checked the Garmin connect webapp, but I guess that one is just for checking what you have done and not for syncing. Does anyone use Garmin (or other) smart watch and can sync with Ubuntu Touch?


  • @lapor
    There a companion app for Asteroid smartwatches.
    Regarding Garmin products I don't think it is possible ATM.

    Using a closed source app to connect to a proprietary hardware is usually hard to port to UT.
    In this case it will involve some people motivated enough to reverse engineer the communication protocol between a phone and the watch probably using a bluetooth sniffer...
    Not something easy to do and something easily broke up by a software update on Garmin's parts...

  • Have you tried gols on desktop ? Garmin on linux sucks...
    It can upload activities and daily monitor, no download.

    Possibles issues:
    You have to mount your watch on the phone (I don't know how to)/send fit files over bluetooth (I'm stil trying to pair the phone with my car )...
    I'm pretty sure ubports can run python scripts ( as gols is)...
    Once you solve the issues you are done qith tracking info.
    But, I don't know nothing about notifications.


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