Marius And Dalton On

  • Our very own Marius Gripsgard and Dalton Durst discuss Ubuntu Touch and PinePhone on destinationlinux latest episode. Find out all the details here

    #UBports #UbuntuTouch #Ubuntu #PinePhone #Pine64

  • Thanks for the notification, Marius, Dalton you did well!

  • Leider wieder viel zu schnell auch, wenn man versucht hat das auf Deutsch zu übersetzen. Traurig zu sehen, wenn man hier eine große Menge an Usern Menschen ansprechen will und in Berlin dazu auch noch eine Stiftung eröffnet hat. Genauso in Österreich. So sollte nicht nur Englisch alleine darin vorkommen. Zum Teil habe ich das Video verstanden. Hatte es vorgestern schon geschaut. Doch wie immer nur die Hälfte verstanden, wenn überhaupt
    Unfortunately, too quickly, if you tried to translate it into German. Sad to see if you want to address a large number of users here and have also opened a foundation in Berlin. Just like in Austria. It shouldn't just be English alone. I partly understood the video. Had seen it the day before yesterday. But as always only half understood, if at all.

  • @carrabelloy As has been mentioned to you before this forum is, for the benefit of all conducted in English. There are many different language speakers in this forum and providing translations to each is not possible. So that the vast majority can participate as fully as possible English has been decided upon.

    Please respect them and the Forum rules. At the very least you could provide a translation. I will add one this time but not again. In the future not doing so will result in the post being removed. Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

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