Meizu Pro 5 modem update

  • Sorry to bother you all again.

    After I successfully installed UT on my Meizu Pro 5 I just got the FP sensor to work using this tutorial:

    This tutorial contains a description on how to upgrade the modem, but it doesn't state why that's necessary. After searching I also found these instructions:

    After reading that and the comments, I got a clue, what this is about.
    It seems to me, that we're dealing with the same modem.bin file in both tutorials, meaning I could chose either one. So after my struggle with the installation of UT on the Meizu Pro 5, I don't want to risk anything and that's why I hopefully may bother you with the following questions of an yet unexperienced UT user:

    • What is that update exactly for (why do I need it)?
    • Is it absolutely save to update the modem (do I really not risk it's functionality)?

    Thank you in advance for your answers

  • @jojuma it's for better stability of signal on Pro 5, newer firmware is better in switching form 4g to 3g and 2g, It's more stable the the last on used by UT as default.
    AND is absolutely save to do it. I have done it many times, BUT, you have to follow the guide EXACTLY AS STATED.
    Also, if you don't experience problems with coverage ( mobile signal) on your Pro5, you can leave it as it is. The choice is yours.

  • Thank you!

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