Openstreetmap . no scrolling since update

  • Since the last OS update, Openstreetmap will not allow scrolling either on my Aquarius 4.5 nor my m10 tablet. It's the same whether I load maps via the icon or via a url in the browser. Other maps scroll eg google and uNav. Anyone with any ideas?

  • @Jules I have the same issue on the OPO (rc). Everything else seems to work as usual but I can no longer move the map by sliding with my finger. If I attach a mouse then it works fine scrolling as expected whilst holding down the left button and moving the mouse.

  • It's now started working again after several weeks. Go figure.

  • @Jules
    OTA13 is out and with it a newer QtWebEngine for Morph browser.
    So Morph has now a more recent version of chromium and with it better support of various websites.

    Can you mark the thread as solved. Or if you can't you can ask and I'll do it for you.

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