OnePlus One vs OnePlus 3t vs Sony Xperia X. Which is best as daily driver?

  • Hi.
    I am new to forum. I would like to has smoothest experience at UBPorts as daily driver. Speed is not that important I would like to have as a must: Making mobile calls, WIFI, Mobile Data transfer. Wifi hotspot would be nice.
    Which of those three should I take to have nice experience. I have oportunity to buy those mobiles at similar price:
    OnePlus One
    OnePlus 3t
    Sony Xperia X

  • @Dnc7
    Here you can have an overview of the current situation:

    But keep in mind that what is true today may be the other way around the next day 😉

    Edit: Quick answer OPO is best as for now, OP3T and Xperia X are recent ports and have some known issues.

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