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  • @Keneda Exactly. We may develop that our selves. But community developers are invited to help us. We would spend a developer device.

  • Good news. Our partner eVenture has recently published a command line tool for a Wireguard VPN connection as open source on Github:

    It would be great to have a UI for this command line tool, so consumers can use VPN on Ubuntu Touch conveniently. Is someone interested to help us with an improved user experience regarding VPN on Ubuntu Touch?

  • @theare27 I'd echo these points...

    I have set up several VPN configs, all through privateinterneraccess, they work nicely. (Oneplus One).

    I like access to switch them on or off by the top network menu, it is convenient.

    But alas, whenever I leave the house, go off my wifi and onto mobile data, or from mobile back to wifi the VPN connection never re-establishes itself, and having no VPN symbol in the top menu, this can be the case for hours until I notice I'm not VPN'd.

    An automatic re-connection is desireable, notification symbol, and maybe a kill switch if VPN is not connected to block all data until VPN is re-connected.

    These are features offered by privateinterneraccess's Android app that made phone use more private / secure.

    Many thanks, Scott

  • @scottbouch I see. That’s another reason for an app, that includes a kill switch an automatic reconnection, if you chance the network. So that you can be sure to be connected to the VPN.

  • I see no reason it needs to be a separate app for any of those features, versus simply improving the existing system.

    And having an app doesn't negate the need to fix things in the system to work in a certain way. Apps alone cannot solve all the problems.

  • VPN editor is an app that works well now when I use it. It was already suggested a long time ago to 'merge' this app into UT system. And if UT system could also include a VPN connection indicator and a KILL SWITCH it would be very nice. Because indeed, the ultimate goal is that all UT phones can configure a safe working VPN.

  • @dobey How could a system setting retrieve the available servers and countries of a specific VPN provider?

  • @domubpkm Sounds promising. Is it available in the store or on any platform like Github?

  • @marc_aurel

    It can be found in the OpenStore

  • @marc_aurel said in Convenient VPN App:

    @dobey How could a system setting retrieve the available servers and countries of a specific VPN provider?

    You are conflating too many features to be a single thing. Most providers just configure the whole set of servers, and then the user picks from one in the list. Solve each individual problem one at a time, rather than trying to block everything on your partnership with

  • @dobey It's not a use case for I know this form other VPN providers like NordVPN.

    Sailfish OS uses a simple approach to setup a VPN by importing an OpenVPN file. This is fine for the first step.

    But I realized, that the servers for each country are frequently changing. For a consumer it's difficult enough to download the correct OpenVPN file from the provider's support page, but frequently do this again is not convenient, in particular if you are mobile and busy and you realize, that the VPN is not working any more.

  • @marc_aurel You would only need to download and import each ovpn file once for each service/endpoint you wish to add to the list. Importing additional files would not overwrite existing VPN config. One can configure as many as they want.

    But the point is we don't need to solve all problems before solving the simpler ones. The system can be improved in iterations, and simply enabling the ovpn import support would be a huge improvement for a lot of users, probably much more than being able to hit some API (outside of the VPN) to query what VPN endpoints are and which one to use.

  • Hi, just re-visiting this, having the existing UT VPN take care of these features would be ace, save having to depend on extra apps.

    from a users point of view, having the mobile data reception indicator or wifi indicator in the top bar turn green when connected via VPN successfully would be a nice way to show a secure connection rather than an extra indicator symbol cluttering up the top bar.

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