Music folder deleted

  • I was recently copying music files to my Music folder on my Nexus 5 Ubuntu Touch system, and found that the new files weren't being seen by the Music app (old files were)

    I tried copying them again, changing the file format, nothing was working.

    I thought maybe if I copied the Music folder, deleted it, and then pasted it back in that would do it...

    Now the Music app is not seeing anything in the Music folder. I couldn't just paste it back in with my computer, either, it said the folder couldn't be created, I tried making it in the file browser on the phone, finally I opened the terminal and used mkdir to make a directory called Music.

    Is there something different about the original Music folder that another folder with the same name in the same place isn't being read by the Music app? Is there any way I can fix this?

    I'm about to just reinstall the whole system, but thought it was worth asking here first...

    I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Music app, hoping that would recreate the folder (it didn't.)

  • @halle There may well be another way of fixing it, but I ended up reinstalling UT to fix it.

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