Change Background Image

  • I'm running 16.04 (2020-06-18) on a Nexus 7 Wi-Fi. I'd like to change the background image.

    I downloaded an image and put in into Gallery. I couldn't find a way from there to share it or move it to the background image.

    I went to Systems Settings > Background. The top section says "Ubuntu Art" and has 16 images. Below that is "Custom" and a downward-pointing arrow. Flipping the arrow does nothing.

    I'm assuming that this screen is where I change the image. What am I supposed to do from here? If I have to get my downloaded image onto this page, how do I do that?

    (BTW, the image is a PNG, if that matters.)

  • There should be an "Add an image" button at the bottom of the Backgroun page.
    If there's none, something's must be wrong and perhaps a bug.

  • I definitely don't have an "Add an image" button. I guess it's a bug. I'll try to figure out how to file a bug report.

  • Oh! Now the button is there! I'm on the dev channel and downloaded today's image. Maybe the bug fairy saw this post and fixed it last night.

    It looks like it has hung trying to import the two images in my gallery. I will log that bug if it doesn't finish.

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