Bugs in the Nexus 5

  • Commenting on these problems in the Nexus 5, as I see them using the 15.04/devel channel:

    • No notification LED: I have LED notifications for any notifications I got (calendar events and SMS or Telegram new messages)

    • Very low call volume: In my case the volume looks like a little lower than what it should be, but it is perfectly usable. Outgoing call volume seems to be OK, nobody has complained to me.

    • Loud beep after hanging up call: I have never seen this bug, not even when I tried the 15.04/stable or 15.04/rc channels.

    • WiFi disconnects and requires password with WiFi extender: My Wifi sometimes disconnects and asks again for the WiFi password (I haven't tried it on WiFi extenders though), but going to the upper setting area and clicking again on the entry for that WiFi, it connects again, without having to enter the password again (it doesn't even ask for it). This does not happen too often, but it happens.

    In my experience in the 15.05/devel channel, and after using it for about 20 days, I don't have any problems to have it as my only phone. For Whatsapp, which my personal network pressure obliges me to have otherwise I would be perfectly happy to drop, I have an old Galaxy Nexus connected close with my Wifi at home with the acual Whasapp client (with Cyanogenmod) and I connect in my device with the webapp. Apart from not having notifications, I'm perfectly connected with Whatsapp everywhere I have data or wifi Internet connection.

    The 15.04/devel channel gets daily updates but of course there is no need to update daily. I have updated two or three times since I'm in this channel, and as far as I know, there are no big changes or development going on on the 15.04 images, so there is not a high risk of breakage.

  • @wgarcia Thanks for moving the discussion, but most of these issues are already reported on GitHub and I reported them here somewhere already some time ago.

    1. LED: https://github.com/ubports/ubports-touch/issues/48
      A bit cumbersome to frequently enable the screen to see if there's a missed notification. The blinking green LED like the BQ would be great.

    2. Call volume: https://github.com/ubports/ubports-touch/issues/137
      This can get very troublesome when there's some background noise in the room. Sometimes it's almost impossible to hear the other person properly.

    3. Beep: https://github.com/ubports/ubports-touch/issues/49
      Just a small annoyance, although the beep can be very loud depending on where you are :-).

    4. WiFi disconnects: I'll have to describe it properly and submit a bugreport
      This is a big issue for me. When the extender has stronger signal than the router, the phone disconnects and wants the password again. This means I can't move around the house without getting disconnected all the time (30+ times/day). The BQ would just seamlessly switch over. I see you even have issues without extender. After disconenction it should just autoconnect without requiring a password again (it is saved already!).

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