Unable to update Pinephone Ubuntu Touch CE

  • I got my Pinephone the other day but was having issues connecting to wifi (even after warm boot) and after switching to mobile I seemed to get a pretty stable connection with Metro T-Moblie, I could connect to websites and install apps but was unable to make or recieve calls ( it would ring but total silence on both ends) or update the system, or change update channel. Was hoping an update would help fix issues but was unable to do that. Switch channels just hangs with wheel spinning forever.

    I took the output of ifconfig if that might help solve the issue. Thanks!

  • @dcmken
    try going into update in settings, then turn off the ( auto download ) wifi and Data ,then change to development/Stable then reboot ,then double check your development/Stable setting is what you want ,then turn the update Wifi/Data back on ,retry update thru settings ,or reboot if you need to
    My BH kept going back to Stable after being shut off or rebooted ,so I disabled the auto download for a while.

  • @Marathon2422 Thanks for the reply! With my phone carrier I can't just swap SIMS, I need to register each phone to connect it, so its a pain and time consuming and I have my Nexus 5 with UBTouch for now. I think I found a work around around. I'll use the updater to flash the newest version and choose the dev channel. I'll see if that works.

  • @dcmken Now that wifI started working all of a sudden I've been able to update without issues.

  • @dcmken Please mark as solved using topic tools,ask as question

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