Copying notifications and ringtones to the PinePhone

  • Well I got my PhinePhone the other day and one of the first things I wanted to do was copy some files to it so I decided to copy my custom notifications and ringtones to it just like I did with my first Ubuntu Touch device all those years ago.

    No MTP? OK, I thought, and after searching for what to do I set up ssh to the PinePhone.

    Then connected to the PinePhone
    ssh phablet@[IPAddress]
    Made a location to put the files

    mkdir /home/phablet/Downloads/Ringtones

    Then used scp from my linux computer to the temproary location as scp did not have permissions to write to the pertinent locations directly.

    scp "/home/[user]/Documents/PinePhone/ringtones/[filename].ogg" phablet@[IPAddress]:/home/phablet/Downloads/Ringtones/[filename].ogg
    scp "/home/[user]/Documents/PinePhone/ringtones/[filename].ogg" phablet@[IPAddress]:/home/phablet/Downloads/Ringtones/[filename].ogg

    Back on the Pinephone via ssh
    Made the device rewritable

    sudo mount -o remount,rw /

    Copied the files to the relevant locations

    sudo cp /home/phablet/Downloads/Ringtones/[filename].ogg /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/notifications/[filename].ogg
    sudo cp /home/phablet/Downloads/Ringtones/[filename].ogg /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/ringtones/[filename].ogg

    Not working? - check file permissions

    chmod 644 /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/notifications/[filename].ogg
    chmod 644 /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/ringtones/[filename].ogg

    I now have my favourite sounds for my notifications and ringtone.
    Next thing is to copy some music and videos and test them out.

    I am sure that there must be a better way, if there is just let me know...

  • You can set a custom ringtone in the settings app without copying them to the system directory. However, custom notification tone is not yet officially supported but you can do it in UT Tweak Tool which basically does the same thing as you did 🙂

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