Developer mode button is missing on the "Pinephone UBPorts Community Edition".

  • In the about page of settings, there is nothing that says developer or anything related to developer mode. I see IMEI, Wi-Fi address, Bluetooth address, Storage, OS, Last updated, Check for updates, and Software Licenses.

    I am running OS build number "2020-06-28"; Version 63 of the Development channel. I have never seen the button, even before the first update I did.


  • That is correct, that button is currently missing.

    What exactly are you looking to achieve that you feel you need developer mode for?

  • I am looking to get into UI development / possibly app design. I would like to enable ADB and as many other developer features as I can. Right now the OS is not useable for me as there are many problems, such as a 2-10 second delay from pressing the power button to the phone waking up and showing the lock screen; so I would like to take a look and I might be able to find the issue. (Not likely, but being able to change stuff would be nice)

    The main thing I want is adb access.

  • There is no ADB on Pinephone.
    Androïd Debug Bridge is for androïd/linux based devices, Pinephone is a GNU/Linux based device.
    SSH is what you need.

  • Cool, Thanks!

    I had some issue setting up ssh too. When I tried to make the filesystem r/w with the mount command in the documentation, it still would not let me set a root password / create a new linux user another account. It said "hash manipulation error" or something like that. (Even with r/w fs) I'll do some more experimenting and see if i can get it working. Also, I am using a 4 digit pin for the phone, and this sets the user's password to that as well. I really don't want a 4 digit number password open to ssh. Is there a way to disable the phablet user on ssh and create a new user/use root?

    Thanks again!

  • Can't help you from here, i don't have pinephone nor use SSH.

  • Don't worry! Thanks a bunch!

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