Github or Gitlab?

  • It's quite confusing, ubports is present on the two platforms...

    Where should whe report bug, or features request?

    Why do you stay on both?

    IMHO it's not a good thing as it can confuse people, including devs because issues can be reported anywhere.

  • Personally, if it bothered me for a while, it doesn't bother me anymore. What bothers me the most is that currently you can't log into your Gitlab account with your UT smartphone. As for the connection on Github with the UT smartphone, it is still currently tolerated but for how long...

  • @Keneda said in Github or Gitlab?:

    Why do you stay on both?

    Because migrating is not a trivial task, while also needing to continue actually developing things, for the very few people who are available to do all the work.

  • If you have ever moved over 400 repositories, while maintaining all the CI hooks, build triggers and stuff you know what it is all about. Also, both platforms have different features that we utilize, and so for now you have:

    • Core Apps moving to Gitlab
    • Porting and Non-Android hardware on Gitlab
    • everything else on Github

    I think thats easy 😉

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